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City of Coimbatore, India officially joins the LocalRenewables project
[24 October 2008]
The city of Coimbatore, India signed on to ICLEI's LocalRenewables project last week to become the third Indian Model Community. The city will strengthen its own local policy encouraging the use of renewable energy, as well as serving as an immediate example for surrounding communities and a broader example for local governments worldwide.


China overtakes UK as country for renewable energy investment
[21 August 2008]
China overtakes the UK in the top five most attractive countries for renewable energy investment. The Ernst & Young renewable energy attractiveness indices tracked the first six months of 2008 revealing that the Chinese government's energy policy has prompted a rise in investment in renewable energy in the country. Read the Opens external link in new windowpress release or read the Opens external link in new windowfull report for full details.


The European Photovoltaic Technology Platform will renew 1/3 of its Steering Committee Members
[22 July 2008]
The platform has been established to define, support and accompany the implementation of a coherent and comprehensive strategic plan for Photovoltaic (PV) systems. The platform mobilises all stakeholders sharing a long-term European vision for PV, helping to ensure that Europe maintains and improves its industrial position, in order to achieve a leadership position within the global PV market. For information on how to apply for the board please visit Opens external link in new windowtheir website


Freiburg featured on CNN as "green" city
[2 June 2008]

The city of Freiburg, Germany, was recently featured on CNN because of its particular concentration of green energy buildings, settlements, research centres, and innovative technologies. The city stands as an example to homeowners and developers as well as to other cities in particular for its use of solar and renewable energy. The CNN report even features a video on solar energy in Freiburg.


LR2007 thumbnail cover

Report available from the Local Renewables 2007 Conference
[28 May 2008]
View the report under the Publication Section. It is aimed at informing and supporting European, national and community decision-makers who address the interconnection between sustainable energy, climate protection, security of energy supply, as well as sustainable local development and using resources at a community level

60 Solar Cities in India - image

India planning 60 solar cities based on the Local Renewables concept
[27 May 2008]
The Government of India, inspired by the success of the Local Renewables project in India, is starting a national programme of 60 ‘solar cities’  to reduce dependence on conventional energy sources and control air pollution. The project was announced in April at a workshop on ‘energy efficient buildings’ organised by ICLEI South Asia.

Training on Renewable Energy for Home Makers in India
[5 March 2008]
An awareness campaign serie involved the homemakers of Nagpur and Bhubaneswar in the last week of 2007. Women play a pivotal role in implementing new habits in domestic energy consumption. They are effectively managing the energy inputs and consumption through their activities. The women selected were the mothers of the school children already involved in awareness activities.


Local Renewables featured in international energy report
[4 March 2008]
The Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) published on 27 February its annual 'Renewables 2007 - Global Status Report'. the Renewables 2007 Global Status Report paints an encouraging picture of rapidly expanding renewable energy markets, policies, industries, and rural applications around the world. ICLEI and the Local Renewable Initiative contributed to the section on Municipal Policies presenting the work done on urban energy management in Nagpur (India), Betim (Brazil) and Freiburg (Germany). [more - external site]


Presentations available for the 3rd International Solar Cities Congress
[3 March 2008]
The 3rd Congress was targeted towards all professionals and individuals with an interest in sustainable energy and its role in our urban environment. The International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI) has been formed to address climate change through effective measurable action at the urban community level. [more - external website]

Conference in Canada for Community Power
[08 February 2008]
The World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC) is aimed at supporting the widespread deployment of wind energy generation. In 2008, the 7th Annual WWEC will present the special topic of "Community Power: the ownership and development of renewable energy projects by local communities: farmers, cooperatives, first nations, municipalities, universities, colleges and utilities". [more]

Cape Town traffic lights go green
[06 February 2008]
Cape Town has joined forces with South African power giant Eskom and the National Energy Efficiency Agency to try out an innovative project. Four pairs of solar-powered traffic lights have been installed in the southern suburb of Ottery. And if the pilot is successful, many more such lights could be installed across South Africa within the next few years [more on BBC news]

New Publication: Year in Review 2007
[28 January 2008]
Download this review to find out how Bhubaneswar involved tens of thousands of citizens in its awareness activites, how Nagpur passed a renewable energy policy, how Freiburg hosted an international conference on Local Renewables and more. [Download PDF 800kb]
[Other Publications]


2nd International Conference on Solar Photovoltaic Investments, 19th & 20th February 2008, Frankfurter am Main, Germany.
[23 January 2008]
This two-day conference organized by European Photovoltaic Industry Association, is addressed both to the photovoltaic industry and the financial sector. The conference is an opportunity for the two sectors to meet and create new business ties. This event is aimed at rising further interest from potential or existing investors in the photovoltaic sector and as the successful development of the photovoltaic industry and market is dependant on the creation of adapted financial instruments. [more]


Investments in "clean-tech" companies rose 44 percent to more than $5 billion in 2007
[23 January 2008]
as soaring oil prices, climate change concerns and government incentives boosted interest in renewable energy, an industry group said [more]

German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development gives keynote at COP13 side event on Local Renewables
[17 January 2007]
Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), attended a high-profile side event promoting Local Renewables at the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Bali (Indonesia) in December 2007. She offered her support to the project citing that 'Local Governments play a key role in adopting renewable energy and supporting energy efficiency. Germany is proud to fund ICLEI in the development of this initiative.' [more]

Nagpur and Bhubaneswar Energy Policy featured in GTZ publication
[29 November 2007]
The GTZ published a regular newsletter called Energy News. In the latest edition they present the work being done in the Model Communities in India to implement an energy policy favorable to Local Renewable. Download the newsletter

Zurich (Switzerland) participates in the 2000-watt society
[4 Oct. 07]
Citizens persons are encouraged to reduce their energy consumption per capita to 2,000 watts. The vision of the 2000 Watt Society originated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and asks that energy rates in developed countries reduce to 2,000 watts by the year 2050, without lowering standards of living. [more]

A new energy policy approved in Nagpur and Bhubaneswar
[1 Oct. 07]
Both cities have reached a milestone by adopting an energy policy more sustainable towards Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. In the next five years, they will commit to an action plan that will improve their energy profile. The political leadership is enthusiastic with this new development and the guidance that ICLEI has provided them to achieve this step.

Nagpur celebrates India National Renewable Energy Day.
[27 Sep 07]
“Akshay Uraja Divas” took place on 20th August 2007 in coordination with Indian Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. About 2500 people attended an event organised by the city on Local Renewables. 'We are fully committed to develop and promote policies for the efficient and sustainable use of natural and renewable resources and we are pleased to work with ICLEI on this initiative', said Mr Sanjay Sethi, Commissioner of  Nagpur  Municipal  Corporation.

Sun-powered homes defy a cool housing market in California
[27 September 07]
With foreclosures rising and home prices diving, there is a bright spot in California's residential real estate market: Solar-powered homes are starting to outsell traditionally electrified new homes in several markets, and developers are stepping up their use of the technology [more on external site]


Brazil cities promoting solar energy through legislation [14.Sep.07]
The City Council of Belo Horizonte has unanimously approved two laws that encourages the use of solar energy.  Effective on January 2008 the laws will provide tax subsidies to owners of properties that use solar energy, among other benefits.

Porto Alegre was the first Brazilian city to pass legislation encouraging the use of solar energy, however the law has not yet been regulated. In November 2006, it created the “Program to Encourage the Use of Solar Energy in Buildings”, with the purpose of promoting the use and development of solar energy technologies.

Both cities are part of the Local Renewables Initiative and the Rede-ELO Brazil.


Solar Tower Lights Up Spain
Adramatic new feature dominates the landscape in the arid south of Iberia. Europe’s very first, commercially-run, solar energy plant was recently opened in the Spanish town of Sanlúcar la Mayor, Seville. Surrounded by an area as big as 300 football fields covered in mirrors, a cylindrical, 115 metre high solar tower showcases the latest technology. [more on external site]


Indian Minister visits the solar capital of Germany, Freiburg
Minister Vilas Muttemwar visited Freiburg in June 2007 to participated in the InterSolar fair. The Minister met through ICLEI the mayor of Freiburg and extended his support to the Local Renewables Initiative.