Kick-off meeting

In March 2006, representatives of the cities met for the first time at a side event of the ICLEI World Congress 2006 in Cape Town (South Africa). The interest was mutual between all present to find ways to collaborate on the projects.

The city of Freiburg (Germany), Bonn (Germany), Växjö (Sweden), Betim (Brazil), Cape Town (South Africa), Nagpur (India), Bhubaneswar (India) and Coimbatore (India) received a certificate from ICLEI officially inviting them to join the Local Renewables Network. A small Solar Panel from a firm established in Freiburg adorned each certificate.

Download a presentation about the project [pdf] 


Photos of the Event

Members of the Local Renewables Model Communities Network meeting for the first time in March 2006. Participating cities are receiving a certificate officially inviting to join the network.