National launch of the project 'Local Renewables Model Communities Network' in India

At this event, the Indian component of the project "Local Renewables Model Communities Network" began its activities with two local governments only two months after the kick-off meeting in Cape Town (South Africa).

The cities of Nagpur and Bhubaneswar were proud to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ICLEI. They were selected from a pool of more than 20 local governments who applied to begin the work as a 'Model Community'.

More than 25 participants networked at the event, learning about the project activities and its long-term goal of expansion. Other local governments who were not selected in the first round of applications attended the events and signified their keen interest to join this exciting initiative. Partners from international and national institutions were present and re-expressed their support to the project.

Download Complete Proceedings of the event [pdf]


Photos of the event

Participants at the events

Second from left, Dr. Andreas Pfeil, Counselor (Development) of the Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany talk, discuss with Shri Mihir K. Mohanty, Mayor of Bhubaneswar.

Panel for the conference. From left to right, Mr. Emani Kumar, Director of ICLEI South Asia Secretariat; Dr. SK Chopra, Senior Advisor Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Dr. Andreas Pfeil, Counselor (Development) Embassy of The Federal Republic of Germany; Mr. Jean-Olivier Dalphond, ICLEI International Training Centre.

Partners in the project 'Local Renewables Model Communities Network'

Mr. Lokesh Chandra, Commissioner of Nagpur Municipal corporation exchanging MoU with Mr. Emani Kumar.

Mr. Mihir Mohanty Mayor of Bhubaneswar, presenting the city views on the project

Mr. A.A. Khatana, presenting the activities of the Indian Renewable Development Agency (IREDA)

Participants at the site visit to the Solar Energy Centre operated by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources of India, a training centre for the use and the maintenance of solar energy equipments.