First International Workshops

The first International Workshop on Local Renewables Model Communities Network was held at Nagpur from 29-30 November 2006. The occasion also marked the launch of the Resource Centre on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at the Nagpur Municipal Corporation in Nagpur, India on 28 November.

The event brought together approximately 80 delegates. The purpose of the event was to provide a common platform where representatives of various sectors could share and learn from each other’s experiences on renewable energy and energy efficiency at the local level.



The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss issues relevant to the objectives of the Local Renewables Initiative: the promotion and generation of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the local level. The event represents a unique outlet in India to discuss these themes from different angles.

Press Release


Presentations from the technical sessions

Session I- Local Renewables Model Communities

NAGPUR Local Renewables Activities and City Energy Status Report
Lokesh Chandra, Commissioner, Nagpur Municipal Corporation, India

Local strategies for climate protection: suggestion from Freiburg
Mr. Klaus Hoppe, Head of Energy Department, City of Freiburg, Germany

Local Renewables in Betim ELO Network Brazil
Ms. Cleide Pedrosa de Melo, Secretary Environment, Betim, Brasil

Presentation by Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (City Energy Issues)

Asia Pro Eco Programme- Rajkot/ Partnerships for Renewable Energy Between European and Asian Towns
Mrs. Alpana Mitra, Rajkot Municipal Corporation

Session II- Local Renewables and Energy Efficiency Polices/ Best Practices/ Projects

Solar Power and Solar Thermal Energy in Schools
Mr. Detmar Kühl, City of Bonn, Germany

New Trends in Waste to Energy Projects by Biomethanation Techniques
Melham Pune, Suresh Rege Managing Director, Mailhem Group, Pune, India

Hyderabad Waste to Energy Project
Mr. Rajiv Babu, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, India

Solar Energy Initiatives for Urban Areas
Dr. A. K. Singhal, Director, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy Government of India, New Delhi

Local Renewables Model Communities Network- US Local Government Best Practices
Ms. Margarita Parra, ICLEI CCP International Coordination, USA office

Session III- Financing Renewable and Energy Efficiency Projects

CDM Options for Local Governments
Mr. Charles Comier, World Bamk/ CDM India

Programmes on Energy from Urban Wastes
Mr. Anil Dhussa, Ministry of New and Renewable Energies, MNRE

Wind Energy in India
Mr. S. Sekar, Senior Manager- Marketing VESTAS RRB India LTD

Financial Mechanisms for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects for Local Governments
Ms. Margarita Parra, ICLEI CCP International Coordination, USA office

IREDA Presentation on Financing Mechanisms of Renewable Energy Projects
S.K. Sarkar, Assistant General Manager, Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited