ICLEI Local Renewables Network

Local Renewables Network ICLEI
Local Renewables participating cities

Leading cities cooperate in the global Local Renewables Network, share their
expertise and experience on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

The Network is open to cities and towns around the world that have either already shown exemplary activities to strengthen renewable and sustainable energy at the local level (LR) and/or are developing themselves into model LR communities.


The network started with cities in Europe, India and Brazil. The initial funders are the GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) and the GOF (UK Global Opportunity Fund) through the British Embassy in Brazil.

The Network aims to link three types of communities:

Model communities: Local governments that are selected and in the process of becoming sustained and sound LR Model Communities, benefiting from support through a project. Currently: Betim (Brazil), Bhubaneswar (India), Coimbatore (India), Nagpur (India) and Porto Alegre (Brazil). [more]

Resource Communities: Local governments that already have comprehensive integrated strategies and actions in place addressing sustainable energy, in particular focusing on RE and EE, providing advice to model communities and benefiting from the exchange. Currently: Bonn (Germany), Freiburg (Germany), Malmö (Sweden), Milan (Italy) and Växjö (Sweden). [more]

Network Communities: Local governments that are linked to a current LR project. They are committed to promoting the initiative and learn from the Model Communities in each country or region but do not have the full financial benefits of a current project. [more]

Joining the network