The Local Renewables Initiative has gathered multiple partners active in areas such as governments, financial support, real estate and research. The Initiative welcomes new partnerships and funding relationships for the expansion of its work. For more information please contact us.

Current Financial and Technical partners

The development of the Local Renewables Network and especially its Indian component is supported by the GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit), itself cooperating with the BMZ.

The Elo-Brazil project is supported by the GOF (UK Global Opportunity Fund) through the British Embassy in Brazil.

Expansion of the initiative

ICLEI is actively seeking to enlarge the Local Renewables Network and initiate other innovative projects around the world. The aim is to engage more local governments to become Model Communities. This process means to learn how to become regional leaders in Local Renewables.

ICLEI needs financial support to outreach to cities, to provide support (especially in developing countries) in the establishment of resource centres, and other related tasks.

Supporting such an initiative is supporting an established network (ICLEI), department with a strong track record (Cities for Climate Protection, ICLEI International Training Centre) and most importantly, making an actual impact in cities.

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